It turns out that a pour-over is a good thing. I met a friend for coffee at Starbucks last night, with the intention of ordering whatever bold flavor they were serving. A glance at the urns showed they had the new Blonde Roast, the standard Pike Place Roast and Komodo Dragon Blend, presumably for the Chinese New Year.

Komodo Dragon Blend sounded good to me and not just because it reminded me of my favorite Bob & Ray bit. Unfortunately, the barista told me they had only brewed Pike Place, which is not my favorite. Sensing the delay in my response, the barista said she could make me a “pour-over” with the bolder blend. I felt like I was somehow settling for second-best but I agreed to try it.

I must have thought she was going to pour hot water over some leftover grounds. That was not the case. My coffee tasted great and inspired me to look up “pour-over” when I got home. It’s probably the best possible way to have a cup of coffee. Instead of coffee warming in the urn, I had a cup that was custom-made for me.

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