On the Launch Brad

Einstein Simplified performs at First Night Knoxville 2012 - Frank Murphy & Brad Bumgardner play "Whose Line" There was a moment during the 10:00 p.m. Einstein Simplified show at First Night Knoxville last night when the emcee asked for two players. Brad Bumgardner and I stepped forward and were told to head to isolation. We had lucked out. We were going to play “Whose Line,” the game that gave the TV show its name. While we were gone, the audience shouted out sentences for the other troupe members to write on index cards. All Brad and I had to do was incorporate the lines into a scene. Brad and I joined Einstein Simplified at the same time, which makes it especially fun for me when we get to share the stage.

Until recently, Brad worked as a video editor specializing in local commercials. His employer merged its operations with another company and laid off most of the staff. He decided to partner with another coworker in the same situation. They formed their own company, which is called DigiPro Video. Brad does a great job. I plan to keep my ears open for any opportunity to send work his way.

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