No Surrender

Jilly's Cupcake Bar - new front door Jilly's Cupcake Bar - assorted cupcakes for January, 2012 Jilly’s Cupcake Bar & Café in St. Louis has expanded since my visit in August. They knocked down a wall and took over an old fabric shop that was next door. They have a fun atmosphere and a great Sunday brunch. In August, I learned that I should have made reservations. Yesterday, I learned that the reservations have to be made a few days in advance. They don’t take same-day reservations.

Jilly's Cupcake Bar - sign for Cupcake Wars As soon as my family and I arrived, we noticed a sign that said they would be on “Cupcake Wars” again that night for a battle of previous champions. Casey Shiller saw us watching him through the window that now surrounds the kitchen. He washed his hands and came out to the hallway to chat with us. He remembered us from August and graciously welcomed us back. When we asked about the show, Casey spoke carefully so as not to reveal the outcome of the episode.

Jilly's Cupcake Bar - Casey Shiller preparing four-packs of cupcakes featured on January 15, 2012 episode of Cupcake Wars After brunch, we saw Casey and the staff assembling four types of fancy cupcakes. It was obvious to us that these would be the same cupcakes we would see on “Cupcake Wars” that night. My wife knew immediately that he had survived the first round. I hoped he would win and based on his plans for local media appearances this week, I thought maybe he would. Unfortunately, he was sent home after the second round.

The judges seemed unusually harsh in their criticism of Casey’s decorations. The unintelligible French pastry chef Florian Bellanger thought they did not capture the spirit of the American Music Awards. When we lived in California, I was fortunate enough to take my daughter to the American Music Awards and to the after-party. I think Casey’s cupcakes would have been a fine fit for the event.

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