Irrelephant Conclusion

One of the little sidebar stories surrounding the arrival of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” in Knoxville concerned a helicopter. The show had to briefly suspend filming on Tuesday because of the noise from a helicopter overhead. One of the local newscasts showed the distinctive black and yellow markings of Scenic Helicopter Tours. I had no idea that the passenger inside would turn out to be Taz Cable of SMOMOtv.

Like many people in Knoxville, my wife was impressed by the family chosen to receive a new house. One of Daniel and Mandy Watson’s adopted children was rescued from Ethiopia.

A media advisory on Tuesday night said that the “Extreme Makeover” crew would be shooting a segment with Jenny McCarthy at the Knoxville Zoo on Wednesday. Why shoot a segment at the zoo? My wife and I speculated that they wanted to visit someplace in Knoxville that appealed to families and had a connection to the Watsons. I predicted that they would come back with a painting made by one of the African elephants.

The awful weather caused a change in plans. Instead of visiting the zoo, Jenny was on the green-screen stage at HP Video. They shot the zoo segment on Thursday with designer Paul DiMeo instead of Jenny. As predicted, he got a piece of elephant art.

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