But Moses Invests

unusual minivan in St. Louis parking lot One of my favorite church sign sayings is “If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?” I assume that the owner of a decorated minivan in St. Louis wants the answer to be yes.

unusual minivan in St. Louis parking lot From a distance, it wasn’t clear why one car in the Walmart parking lot stood out from the others. Upon closer inspection, my family and I could see that it had been painted with religious messages, the largest of which was “Jesus Saves!” The license plate referenced Yahshua, another name for Jesus.

As I photographed the van, a police car pulled up behind us. For a second, we thought that the officer was going to tell us to stop. However, she just wanted to get a closer look at the van too.

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2 Responses to But Moses Invests

  1. Giannine says:

    I used to have my Catholic and Sacred Heart magnets on my car along with my “My Daughter has her Girl Scout Gold Award” one. When I had to get repairs done, I never put them back on. I was always paranoid after I did something in traffic and someone got angry, whether they were right or wrong about it. I don’t want them blaming all Girl Scouts or Catholics for my driving.

    I sure hope this Christian is a better driver than I am, unless the car mentions we are all sinners and we need mercy and forgiveness (from each other, too). Is that in big, bold print? It should be.

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