The Second Day of Christmas

Paper-cut silhouette nativity scene by Paul Lodes Paper-cut silhouette nativity scene by Paul Lodes One of the churches we visited in St. Louis last week has a work of art that grabbed my attention. It’s a paper-cut Nativity scene in a reverse silhouette by artist Paul Lodes. The representation of the manger was great, however it was the artist’s signature that caused me to pause.

Lodes signed his name and wrote the date April 19, 2006. I was a little surprised it wasn’t a December date. It made me start wracking my brain to remember the date that Jesus was actually born. An astronomer determined that that Star of Bethlehem would have been visible in the sky on April 17 in the year 6 B.C. The picture I saw was made 2011 years and 2 days after the birth of Christ.

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