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Three of the items purchased with an gift certificate that I got for Christmas were Instant Videos. Two were movies that were on my wish list for a long time: “Shaun of the Dead” and “Stormy Weather.” The third was a black-and-white episode of “The French Chef” in which Julia Child cooked lobster.

The hassle of connecting a laptop to my television in order to watch “Sherlock Holmes” inspired me to click another link on Amazon. Set-top boxes and certain newer model televisions can be connected to the Internet and can play Amazon videos. The Sony SMP-N100 is currently on sale for less than $50 online and at several retailers.

I had $20 in cash and a $30 gift card to a big box store, which I decided to spend on the streaming video box while Frank Jr. is still home and available to help me hook it up. The only disappointment was that the store would not let me use their coupon in the Knox County School Coupon Book because the item I wanted was on sale. I will probably never use the coupon, because I can’t think of one thing I would buy there that wasn’t on sale.

In addition to Amazon Instant Videos, the SMP-N100 has pre-programmed links for podcasts from NPR and other sources, free videos from Crackle and YouTube and many more that I haven’t tried yet.

It was relatively easy to use the device to log-in to my Amazon and YouTube accounts. I showed Frank Jr. a couple of funny Einstein Simplified videos, including my current favorite in which Dave Fennell is trying to get Aaron Littleton to guess “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.”

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