Cracker Barrels

The last thing I want to do is “steal” the Nutcracker from my wife.  She loves Tchaikovsky’s ballet and watches different versions of it on TV. It’s always been “her thing” and she’s a little worried that it will become “my thing” now that I’ve had a comedic cameo with the Oak Ridge Civic Ballet Association. In reality, the reason I agreed to be in their Nutcracker was because I thought it would make my wife happy.

I admit that I have started paying attention to other productions. When my wife watches the Ovation Channel’s annual “Battle of the Nutcrackers” this week, I will watch with her. Last year, I avoided watching until she insisted that I look at the weird anatomical costumes in the Casse Noisette Circus version.

I wish there was a telecast of the Magic Theatre’s production of “Nutcrackers.” The San Antonio group has created a silly Nutcracker with characters based on classic comedians. For example, Drosselmeyer is played by a Groucho Marx impersonator. The Nutcracker is a Charlie Chaplin look-alike. I found a video clip that includes characters portraying Shirley Temple and Lucille Ball too.

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