Bread and Butter

loaf of homemade bread in a cardboard box by Paula Deen One of my wife’s co-workers gave loaves of homemade bread to the rest of the staff for Christmas. Instead of being wrapped in cellophane or a Ziploc bag, the bread was in a cardboard box that fit it perfectly. The front of the box said, “Let’s eat y’all.”

Fans of Paula Deen will immediately recognize the saying as one of her catchphrases. I didn’t realize that Paula had expanded her product line into so many different items. The perfect fit of the bread in the box made me think that Paula must also sell the pan that baked the loaf.

According to Paula’s website, the loaf boxes are a discontinued item, which is just as well. At $12.95 for a set of four, they were horribly overpriced.

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