According to Tim

Accordionist Tim Padilla emailed me with the good news that his Christmas album is now available on iTunes and “Spirit of Christmas” includes one of his favorites, “Oh Christmas Tree Polka.”

I’ve known Tim since before he had an album, before he performed in Branson and before had any TV appearances. His dad called in to KLOS one morning and said, “you should hear my son Tim play accordion.” Mark & Brian said, “sure, put little Timmy on the phone.” The teenager’s relatively deep voice surprised all of us and the nickname Little Timmy was born.

When Slash was booked as an in-studio guest, I had two ideas to make the appearance unusual. First, we had Slash play a Guns N’ Roses song in studio while Little Timmy accompanied him on accordion. Then, Slash walked out to the parking lot where we had stacks of amplifiers and a high school marching band waiting to play “Louie Louie” with him.

In subsequent years, we had Little Timmy accompany Tony Bennett in the radio studio. We also had him play on stage twice during the 1998 Mark & Brian Christmas show; once during a comedy sketch and once with Chicago.

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