Traffic standstill on I-40 on November 6, 2011 A small sign on the road warned that the right lane would be closed ahead. It was wrong. In fact, all lanes of Interstate 40 were closed for an hour Sunday morning, near the Alcoa Highway interchange. Additional closings occurred throughout the day as utility crews worked on power lines above the two highways.

Traffic standstill on I-40 on November 6, 2011 I was attempting to make my way to Chilhowee Park. My friend Sandy Weaver was going to give me a tour of the Great Smoky Mountain Cluster of Dog Shows. I never got there. Instead, I made conversation with the other drivers stuck on I-40. The lady in the car behind me was trying to get to a 10:45 service at a church near James White Parkway. She said she would turn around and go back home once traffic started moving. The lady in front of me was headed to Jonesborough to visit a sick relative.

The stopped cars, many with doors open, reminded me of “The Walking Dead.” The zombie apocalypse series has several scenes of abandoned cars along Atlanta’s highways.

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