Tall Order

FBI Special Agent in Charge Rick Lambert was on TV shortly after I got home last night. Coincidentally, I had just talked with him at the graduation ceremony for this year’s Citizens Academy class at the FBI building. Each new graduate posed for a picture with Mr. Lambert. The other board members and I were there to invite the class to join the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association and to attend our holiday social at Side Splitters Comedy Club.

Lambert and Dr. Bill Bass were interviewed on Fox 43 for a story about Neyland Stadium and the Body Farm, which aired right after the season premiere of “Bones.” The feature was part of a series called “Tennessee Truth or Tall Tale.” Anchor Beth Haynes and producer Amanda Dill investigated the claim in “The Blind Side” that there are bodies under the playing field. Readers of my blog know that the stadium houses a skeleton collection in the Anthropology Department’s offices, not buried under the turf.

After a commercial break, Todd Howell reported on the effect of weather on decomposing bodies.

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