State Pen

The parallels between the sex abuse scandal at Penn State and the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic church are obvious. As a Catholic, I can understand the shock and disappointment that football fans are feeling. Coach Joe Paterno is similar to a bishop who tried to handle the crisis as an internal matter instead of calling the police.

Sadly, the Penn State scandal is likely to be only the tip of another iceberg. There are probably dozens, if not hundreds, of pedophiles working in sports programs at colleges, high schools and grammar schools. I hope that those who have been victimized are able to find the strength to report their abusers to the police and prevent the criminals from harming another child.

Too many people have incorrectly dismissed sex abuse as a Catholic-only problem. It’s understandable that they would want to believe it couldn’t happen to them. Abuse is a human problem that affects people of all religions, races and nationalities.

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