Stamp of Approval

Earlier this month, WBIR and WTNZ aired a report about the Body Farm and its connection to the movie “The Blind Side.” After the broadcast, producer Amanda Dill contacted me with an idea for a follow-up. She still had more Body Farm footage to use before the end of November sweeps.

Susan Seals of wants the U.S. Postal Service to honor Dr. Bill Bass on a stamp. After the dedication ceremony for the William M. Bass Forensic Anthropology Building, Susan asked me to help spread the word via Facebook and Twitter. Susan told Amanda about the campaign and Amanda asked me to give them a sound bite for Monday’s newscasts. It would publicize the Facebook page for the stamp campaign and serve as a tease for a longer story on Tuesday night about a memorial service for those who donate their bodies.

Dr. William M. Bass Forensic Anthropology Building - autopsy table They shot an interview with me on Friday at Star 102.1 but a technical glitch made the audio unusable. Amanda asked if I could redo the sound bite after the memorial service on Monday. The service was held in the classroom space at the new Bass building. Dr. Bass introduced two chaplains from the UT Medical Center, who each led a prayer. Several students attended, as did Dr. Lee Meadows Jantz and Dr. Dawnie Steadman. They recorded me in the lab, in front of an as-yet-unused autopsy table.

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