Spirit of ’76

Katrina is a huge fan of "1776" - photo by John Hudgens A woman named Katrina agrees with my wife and me that “1776” is the greatest musical about the Declaration of Independence. To prove it, she pulled a DVD copy of the movie out of her purse at Side Splitters on Tuesday night.

Katrina celebrated her birthday by coming to see Einstein Simplified with a group of friends. It was a good night, with many crazy images captured by Cinnamon Studios. I was grateful that two friends made good on their promises to see our show for the first time. Katrina was there with Marisa Lykins, who used to work at a local Christian radio station. My wife ended up sitting at the same table as Bob Becker, who used to work at WATE-TV and now does marketing for a local classic country station. It truly means a lot to me when people take time from their busy schedules to relax and laugh for a couple of hours with us on a Tuesday night.

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