Fair Deal

1982 World's Fair items from garage sale Garage sales don’t hold much appeal for me. Fortunately, Cassie Kiestler, who occasionally comes to see Einstein Simplified, thought of me again when she spotted a deal too good to resist at a West Knoxville garage sale. For less than fifty cents, she bought a coffee mug, a postcard and an official guide book from the 1982 World’s Fair, all in like-new condition. She bought a set for herself too. She said that the seller must have worked at the Fair because he had a boxful of each item. Here are three of my favorite pages from the guide book, including a Magnavox ad featuring Leonard Nimoy:

1982 World's Fair guide book - Leonard Nimoy Magnavox ad 1982 World's Fair guide book - Welcome to Knoxville 1982 World's Fair guide book - entertainers



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