Cuptown Girl

On last night’s episode of “2 Broke Girls,” Caroline and Max went to a cupcake decorating class in an effort to learn how to make prettier cupcakes. They ultimately decided on a different style.

Speaking of pretty cupcakes, Pinterest has plenty of photos. Locally, I’ve always liked the look of the cupcakes at The Cup in Knoxville. I have been meaning to check out their competition at nearby Cities Cupcake Boutique. Last week I finally did.

Cities Cupcake Boutique - Chicago cupcake Cities Cupcake Boutique - Half Moon Bay and New Orleans cupcakes I shared three cupcakes with a friend. We split the Chicago, the New Orleans and the Half Moon Bay. All three tasted good. Unlike other places, Cities does not have cupcakes ready to go. Each of them has to be frosted on demand. They use it as a selling point but I missed being able to window shop before buying.

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