Convection Connection

Harvest of Blessings 2011 - Karie's pie cupcakes The old argument about cake vs. pie turned up in two unusual places last weekend. First, I saw a photo on Facebook of a cake in the shape of the Greek letter Pi. Then, I saw cupcakes that looked like pies at the annual Harvest of Blessings bake sale at All Saints Church.

Harvest of Blessings 2011 - Karie's fishbowl cupcakes Each year our friend Kathy and her daughter Karie strive to make something interesting. The night before the sale, Kathy’s husband Keith reminded me to bring my camera to church the next day. In addition to the pie cupcakes, Karie had made chocolate cupcakes decorated like fishbowls. I bought one and enjoyed it right there.

Harvest of Blessings 2011 - my wife's iced pumpkin cookies For the first time, my wife baked something for the sale. I got a recipe for Iced Pumpkin Cookies from a co-worker. Most similar recipes contain eggs but this one did not. My wife held back a dozen cookies to share with friends after our Thanksgiving dinner.

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