Causing a Komo-tion

Jamie Lynn Drohan and Frank Murphy at a Cupcake Tweetup in 2010 Jamie Lynn Drohan broke the news last night on her Facebook page. She is leaving Knoxville for a job at KOMO-TV in Seattle. Her last day at WATE-TV will be December 2. She starts at KOMO in January.

Jamie Lynn Drohan and Frank Murphy at Star 102.1's Dancing with the Knoxville Stars in 2011 I often saw Jamie Lynn around town at various fundraisers and tweet-ups. Most notably, she earned a perfect score at Star 102.1’s 3rd Annual Dancing with the Knoxville Stars. Her dance costume was reminiscent of “I Dream of Jeannie.”

Once she’s settled in the Emerald City, I hope Jamie Lynn looks up my friend Bean and his wife Donna. Donna designs fashions and is the owner of Elsie Katz Couture. I also recommend a trip to the Space Needle and a Duck tour.

When she visited Seattle for her job interview, Jamie Lynn saw ABC’s Bob Woodruff using the KOMO studio to file a report for the network. When she commented on Woodruff’s presence, the person giving her a tour of the newsroom said, “Welcome to the top 15.”

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