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Kelly Clarkson sounded great on “Dancing with the Stars” a week ago. Of all people, she should sound good singing on a live television show, considering it was that exact skill which propelled her to stardom.

Her new album, “Stronger,” came out this week. I got a promo copy and immediately uploaded it to my clouds. My WiFi clock radio came with a free MP3tunes account. Like I did with a Bruno Mars album last year, I uploaded the Kelly Clarkson songs so I could listen as I went to sleep.

More recently, I have started using the Amazon Cloud to store MP3s. Before Monday, I had only saved songs I had gotten for free in the Amazon MP3 store. Instead of downloading the songs, I chose the “save to cloud” option. “Stronger” is the first thing I have actually uploaded to the cloud from my own computer.

Of the two clouds, Amazon’s works much better. I had no problems with it, while MP3tunes seems unable to play certain songs. I may have to try re-uploading the songs that MP3tunes doesn’t like. I think I had to do that last year with one or two of the Bruno Mars tracks. The experience makes me wish I could access the Amazon Cloud from my WiFi clock radio.

“Stronger” will likely yield multiple hits for Kelly. “Mr. Know It All” is already doing well. The title track, “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” sounds like an absolute smash to me. I like “You Love Me,” “I Forgive You” and “You Can’t Win” as much for the messages in the lyrics as for the catchy pop rhythms. I’m also partial to “Einstein” because of the name.

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