WATE, Your Turn

The playing field is level once again for Knoxville’s local TV news. Like WVLT and WBIR before it, WATE has started broadcasting its local newscasts in high-definition. I watched their evening and late-night news on Monday to see how it looked. The transition seemed smooth. I didn’t notice any glitches. I know they have been taking their time to make things work. I toured their new set almost a month ago as they were still wiring the control room.

Unless I missed it, the anchors didn’t make any special mention on-air about the improvements. They have, however, been very active on Facebook and Twitter to promote the changes. Over the weekend, I saw pictures from Lori Tucker and from Kristin Farley. Perhaps most interesting was the Facebook photo album of the construction progress. Tearsa Smith was hoping her son would be born before her first HD newscast on Tuesday. He was. Jamie Lynn Drohan will fill in for Tearsa.

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