Rib Tease

Cooking Channel is not available in high-definition on my cable system but several of their shows can be seen in HD via On Demand. As a high-def snob, I chose not to watch the standard-definition version of “United Tastes of America.” Instead, I have been waiting for the HD version of the “Ribs” episode to show up in the On Demand menu. I’m guessing that it might be there Tuesday, assuming they delay it one week from the air date. That also means I’ll have to wait until October 25 to watch this week’s “Cookies” episode.

The online version of “Ribs” became available today. I had to log in to my account to see it. I like the feeling of getting added value from my cable subscription. While many businesses have complained about giving away their content for free online, consumers don’t necessarily think of the Internet as free. Yes, there are ways to get online at work, at the library or at a coffee shop but most of us pay for Internet access at home and we have done so since the dial-up days of Prodigy and AOL.

Sweet P’s Barbeque and The Shrimp Dock in Knoxville were featured in the “Ribs” episode. As I was looking for “Ribs” On Demand, I found “Bacon.” In that episode, which is also available online, they visit two places in East Tennessee. Blackberry Farm is considered one of the best resorts in the world. It is on my wish list of places to see someday. The other “Bacon” location, Benton’s Smoky Mountain Country Hams, is a place my son and I visited a year and a half ago. It was well worth the trip.

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