Power of Suggestion

Sweet P’s Barbeque and Soul House was featured on the “Ribs” episode of “United Tastes of America” this past week.The Cooking Channel show is hosted by Jeffrey Saad, who came in second on “Next Food Network Star.” The restaurant has been on national TV before. Adam Richman attempted the Gigante Burrito Challenge on the Knoxville episode of “Man v. Food.”

Ribs plate at Sweet P's Barbeque and Soul House - October 14, 2011 Sweet P’s is three miles up the road from the Riverside Business & Events Center, where Einstein Simplified does an all-ages improv show once a month. My wife and I tried the ribs on Friday night. They looked good enough to put on TV. Unfortunately the meat wasn’t quite as succulent as I hoped. When perfectly cooked, the rib bones should slide out easily. I also ordered a pulled chicken sandwich, which was excellent. Chicken doesn’t seem to get the good press that pork does on barbeque TV shows.

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