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Click Funeral Home Middlebrook Chapel A construction crew is hard at work converting the former Middlebrook Gardens into Click Funeral Home’s new Middlebrook Chapel. My wife and I have attended several funerals at Click’s Farragut Chapel. The new location is much more convenient to our parish, All Saints Church. The signpost mentions cremations because that is such a fast-growing aspect of the funeral industry. Cremations will not be performed on site. Click is a member of the Independent Funeral Group, which uses the East Tennessee Cremation Company in Maryville. The property had to be rezoned to allow a funeral home to operate there.

Click Funeral Home Middlebrook Chapel Larry Click told us that in the past, he had purchased a retort to perform cremations but the Town of Farragut wouldn’t let him install it. Embalming is not done at the Farragut Chapel either due to space limitations. The deceased were sent to Click’s Lenoir City location for embalming. The new Middlebrook Chapel will have an embalming room. The former catering kitchen is large enough to also house a cooler and a separate area for cosmeticians to do their work.

Larry said that he offers green burials. In those cases, the deceased are not embalmed. They are wrapped in a shroud and buried without a casket or vault. He said some cemeteries insist on burial vaults as a way of maintaining their grounds. Vaults hold their shape and keep the soil above from settling.

Click Funeral Home Middlebrook Chapel The former wedding chapel has been enlarged slightly to become a funeral chapel. The workers were hanging a new chandelier when my wife and I stopped by. Overflow crowds will be able to watch the proceedings on flat-screen TVs mounted in sitting rooms outside the chapel. Larry said I should stop by again, after their furniture gets delivered.

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