Hold That Tiger

In the aftermath of the Ohio private zoo tragedy, Josh Ault of WATE did a report on how Tiger Haven in Roane County has taken precautions against an animal escape. Similarly, Ben Tracy of CBS News did a feature on Wildlife Waystation in the Angeles National Forest, where many former exotic pets can live out their lives comfortably. Seeing Martine Colette on the news reminded me of the many times she visited KLOS to promote various fundraisers for the sanctuary.

One day Pam Baker and I decided that we needed some tigers for a photo shoot, which prompted us to call Martine Colette. We had persuaded Mark & Brian to dress as Siegfried & Roy and to pose with the big cats. Martine, of course, knew better. She strongly suggested that the tigers and deejays be photographed separately. We could combine the images later.

At the time, ABC’s West Coast offices were in Century City. Because we were required to use a network photographer for the publicity shoot, we arranged to meet Martine and the tigers there. The tigers relaxed on the grass just outside the network photo studio until we were ready for them. Martine and her associate posed them in front of a green screen for us. After the cats went back outside, Mark & Brian stood in the same spot and posed as if they were straddling the tigers. I would love to see those pictures again but I don’t know who has them.

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