Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

Improv has been a hot topic for me this week. I made plans to attend the Gatlinburg Improv Fest in February; I scheduled the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association holiday party to coincide with an Einstein Simplified show; and I enjoyed Tonya Cinnamon’s photos of recent improv shows. I also learned that Einstein Simplified has been booked to perform at First Night Knoxville for the fourth straight year.

On Friday morning, my friend Sandy Weaver shared a link on Facebook. It was for a book about improv that piqued my interest immediately. “Improv to Improve Your Business” was compiled by Sandy’s friend Vanessa Lowry. Each chapter is written by someone who uses the principles of improv in their business, including Vanessa herself.

I bought the book for three reasons. 1) I love improv 2) The Kindle version only cost 99¢ and 3) Vanessa is donating her proceeds during October to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Chapter Two explains the Ten Commandments of Improv as taught by Brent Brooks of Blank Stage Productions. Brent also described the Commandments in a podcast interview on Atlanta Business Radio along with Vanessa and three of the other co-authors.

  1. Trust
  2. Agree on Stage; Don’t Argue
  3. Listen
  4. Don’t Be Funny
  5. Avoid Questions
  6. Be Average: Keep It Simple
  7. Stay in the Moment
  8. Mistakes Are Good
  9. Make the Other Person Look Good
  10. Have Fun
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