66, Water Not Being Comfortable

Autumn leaves and cooler weather inspire many of my Facebook friends to write about how it is their favorite time of year. I don’t like the shorter days and chilly air. I much prefer the optimism of Spring and the warmth of Summer.

A big factor in my seasonal sadness is the end of swimming season. I went for my last swim of the year on Tuesday afternoon. The air was warm but the water was cold. My wetsuit protected my torso but my head and hands felt the full impact of the 66° water. It wasn’t cold enough to be dangerous, just uncomfortable. Triathletes often swim in water that cold.

In other years, the weather has stayed warm enough for me to swim daily until Halloween. Not this year. I probably could have closed the pool for the winter a couple of weeks ago and saved myself several hours of removing leaves. Yesterday I was skimming leaves while wearing gloves and a raincoat. I still have four more days of this before the pool gets shrouded for the season.

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