South Fork

A new series on ABC called “Revenge” wasn’t particularly interesting to me. They’ve been running promos for it,  none of which grabbed my attention until after I saw the show promoted in an unusual manner on

Since receiving a Kindle for my birthday, I have made a weekly habit of trolling the Kindle bestseller lists. I almost ignore the left column to focus on the right, which lists the top 100 free downloads. This past week they offered a free download of the script for the pilot episode of “Revenge.” Curiosity piqued, I looked into it further. When I learned that the show is set in the Hamptons, I thought, “why not?”

I started watching “Royal Pains” a few years ago solely because it is set in the Hamptons. It has become one of my favorites, to the point that I got caught up on DVR-ed episodes and even watched the last few episodes of this season in real time.

So far, I’ve read as far as the first commercial break in the “Revenge” script. It seems to be a fairly standard prime-time soap opera. I’m hoping for some clever twists to come. Either way, I will watch the premiere episode even if it’s just for the Southampton scenery.

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