screen shot of last page of "Revenge" pilot script on Amazon Kindle There was a surprise at the end of the script for ABC’s “Revenge.” In addition to the various plot twists, there was a web address and log-in code (MN3JozZrq) to view the pilot episode online before it airs next week. I had downloaded the script onto my Kindle because I was curious about a show set in the Hamptons. I found out later that the series premise is based on a classic novel.

“The Count of Monte Cristo” is one of my son’s favorite books. I’ve seen the movie but I haven’t read the book yet. It’s one of many classics available for free on the Kindle. I downloaded it and several others last month so that my virtual bookshelf wouldn’t seem too empty. The Count was disgraced and imprisoned. He changed his identity and sought revenge on those who did him wrong.

Emily Thorne, the main character in “Revenge,” was once little Amanda Clarke. Now an adult, Amanda changed her identity to become Emily and insinuate herself into Hamptons high society. She starts exacting revenge on the very same people who framed her father and destroyed young Amanda’s life.

Like Emily Thorne, the show isn’t exactly what it seems. In this behind-the-scenes clip, actress Emily VanCamp explains that the pilot was filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. The series will be filmed in Los Angeles.

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