Over? Did You Say Over?

The 25th annual Boomsday fireworks had been over for only a few minutes on Sunday night when I started recording video of two flames burning on the railroad bridge across the Tennessee River. Fire boats made their way to the bridge. When they started spraying water on the flames, a shell exploded. It appeared to be one of the mortars that should have fired during the “Smoke on the Water” portion of the program. When the firework hit the river, it exploded again, just like the ones during the show. Unfortunately my home video is blurry, especially when I tried to zoom in. However, you can still get a pretty good idea of what happened.

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3 Responses to Over? Did You Say Over?

  1. kathi dougherty says:

    Great video Frank~

  2. Jessica Weber says:

    We were riding back to the Riverside boat ramp when I heard that. My nephew kept telling me that it was just more fireworks, but I knew that was unusual. Thanks for sharing the video!

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