Judgment Days

WBIR’s Erin Donovan and I were the judges for a Lego building contest at the Tennessee Valley Fair on Saturday afternoon. We picked our favorites and awarded first, second and third place trophies to the winners. They had two rounds of individual competition and one round of group competition. The winning creations will be on display through the Fair’s final day on Sunday.

A week ago, I was one of the judges for a talent show at the Sevier County Fair. The top three performers were sent on to the Tennessee Valley Fair to perform tonight. Since I was already at the Fair for the Lego contest, I stayed to watch the talent contest from the audience. Of course I’m a little biased but I really thought that one of the Sevier winners (Emmaus, Triple Threat or David Middlebrooks) would place in the top four in the Knoxville contest. They didn’t. The winners were Katelyn Parker, Kayla Faver, C.N. Davis and Allison Balsley.

I would never have predicted that my favorite performance of the night would be by a clogger. Kayla Faver won second prize overall with her routine as a zombie clogger. She stayed in character as she walked on stage and again as she left. Because almost everything is on the Internet, it took mere milliseconds for me to find a YouTube video of Kayla performing the zombie routine last month at the Appalachian Fair.

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