Gaucho Marks

HoLa Festival 2011 - welcome booth with wristbands and moustaches The fake moustaches were the first things I noticed at the HoLa Festival information booth on Saturday. They were for sale, along with handmade wristbands. I saw several people wearing them. To me, the moustaches looked like they belonged at a Freddie Mercury festival.

HoLa Festival 2011 - Estados Unidos booth My wife had sent me on a mission. I was to find the Argentina booth and buy some of the delicious rogelitos that we fell in love with last year. Most, if not all, Spanish-speaking countries were represented including Estados Unidos. Sadly, there was no food at the Argentina booth this year. I’ll have to find another way to get some rogelitos.

HoLa Festival 2011 - spider pinata HoLa Festival 2011 - mariachi band I saw a piñatero preparing to hoist his various creations. My favorite was a huge spider. I also enjoyed the live mariachi music, which reminded me of living in Southern California. I would like to make a return visit to Cielito Lindo restaurant for the food and the music if and when I get an opportunity to travel to Los Angeles.

HoLa Festival 2011 - Isabel and Frank Last Tuesday, I met  a married couple named Isabel and Bill. They are friends of Roy De La Rosa and had come to Side Splitters to see Einstein Simplified. On Saturday, Isabel was dressed in a costume from her native España.

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