Fry Gulch Junction

Deep-fried Kool-Aid was not part of the original plan for my trip to the Tennessee Valley Fair on Monday night. After enjoying a delicious deep-fried banana pudding on a stick at the Denton Family Foods booth, concessionaire Kevin McGrath urged me to find his booth for a free sample of red velvet funnel cake.

Tennessee Valley Fair 2011 - Funny Face Foods vendor with Kool-Aid Cool Whip Tennessee Valley Fair 2011 - deep-fried Kool-Aid with Cool Whip garnish Colin Marcum and I stopped off at the wrong booth along the way. The man in the Funny Face Foods trailer saw the Star 102.1 logos on our shirts and insisted that we try a sample of deep-fried Kool-Aid. We chose not to argue. The Kool-Aid powder is infused into the dough batter and into the whipped topping garnish. The finished product resembled doughnut holes.

Tennessee Valley Fair 2011 - "The Best Around" trailer Tennessee Valley Fair 2011 - Yin Yang funnel cake from "The Best Around" We found our way to The Best Around booth and met Janie, who came up with their red velvet funnel cake recipe. We didn’t think we could eat a whole funnel cake and I didn’t want Janie to waste any of the red velvet batter. She made us a smaller-than-usual funnel cake that she called a “Yin Yang.” It was half red velvet, half regular and all good. If that wasn’t enough, Janie gave us a sneak preview of the deep-fried confection she is working on for next year. We were sworn to secrecy, which was easy since the treat almost put me into a sugar coma. What was I talking about, again?

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