The eventual sale of Aunt Dee’s condo means that my wife and I will have to find a new place to stay when we are traveling in the Midwest. Of course, I want it to sell quickly because that would be best for my wife’s family. However, I still have two or three trips through St. Louis planned in the year ahead. The last time I was there, I packed up some photo albums and other valuables.

My friend Bruce Butler has the listing. He is a real estate agent with Keller Williams. I met him many years ago when he sold syndicated radio programming and I worked at WAVA. He moved to Los Angeles for his job. When I also moved to L.A., he would occasionally give me some voiceover work. As the radio business kept consolidating, Bruce took advantage of an opportunity to move back to his hometown and get into real estate.

Aunt Dee’s place is in a great neighborhood called Webster Groves. I feel at home there, especially now that I know which restaurants have the best WiFi connections and which ones have the best breakfast. Before the condo could go on the market, Bruce had a professional photographer take a series of shots of the building, the common areas and the condo itself. They also got a nice picture of the swimming pool. The apartment looks the same as it did when Aunt Dee passed away. Maybe that’s why I joked that the building’s lobby was reminiscent of a funeral parlor.

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