Crema-tour 2

“What exactly do you do for a living?” asked one of the members of the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association. He was
wondering why I seemed well-versed in the process of cremation. He didn’t know that I had already taken a tour of the East Tennessee Cremation Company and that I had read about the place in several books by Dr. Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson.

cardboard casket being placed into cremator The FBIKCAAA held its monthly meeting at the crematory this morning. We saw a bit more than I did last year when I toured the place with the Bone Zones team. During the course of our visit, we saw a funeral director deliver a body. It was in a body bag, which he and Helen Taylor placed into a cardboard casket and then into the large cooler. We saw another cardboard casket taken out of the cooler and then placed into a cremator (pictured). We saw three bodies at various points during the cremation process. Two had to be moved forward to be closer to the flames. One was finished and was ready to be raked into a large container.

In the next room, we saw a container of brittle bones pulverized into “ashes” by the processor. That particular set of cremains was placed into a biodegradable Earthurn. One cup was placed in a regular Ziploc bag, which will be given to the family members. They may choose to scatter  or save the ashes.

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