Are You Fluff Enough?

Susan Olsen and I have been swapping emails and Facebook messages about Marshmallow Fluff for years. It’s been over ten years since I presented her with her first jar of Fluff. About five years ago, I wrote a blog post about how she adopted Mother Fluffer as a nickname.

Susan Olsen's Fluff Art exhibit poster It’s also been five years since I wrote about the first “What the Fluff?” festival in Somerville, Massachusetts. When Susan started creating Warhol-inspired Fluff Art about three years ago, the match seemed obvious. This year the twain shall finally meet. Susan Olsen will be a VIP guest at next weekend’s festival. It gets better. Her Fluff Art is already on exhibit at Bloc 11 CafĂ© throughout this month.

Since I can’t be in Massachusetts on Saturday, I will be keeping an eye on Twitter and Facebook and any other online media I can find. After it’s over, I will have to chat with Susan to get her first-hand comments about all the gooey goodness.

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One Response to Are You Fluff Enough?

  1. Mimi Graney says:

    It’s a small world of Fluff! Sorry you can’t make it to Somerville for this year’s big festival! We’re whipped into a sweet frenzy of anticipation here. Thanks for helping us spread the word.

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