One of the books that’s been on my Amazon Wish List for years is “Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers” by Mary Roach. I finally bought it the other day, as a digital download for my Kindle. I hope to finish reading most of it before Monday when I see Dr. Bill Bass and his wife Carol at the next “Dinner with the Bone Doctor.” Mrs. Bass mentioned the book to me the last time I saw her. She said I would probably enjoy it.

I heard yesterday that Echo Bistro & Wine Bar is booked up for Monday’s dinner and discussion. I will be curious to see if Chef Seth Simmerman serves any mushrooms along with the bass and veal that he usually prepares for these special events. I am anxious to ask him and Dr. Bass what they think about the Infinity Burial Project, an idea of artist Jae Rhim Lee. She is trying to train some mushrooms to eat her body after she dies. It seems unnecessary to me. She could donate her cadaver to the Body Farm and become maggot food, no training required.

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