New Latte-tude

Vienna Coffee House looks like someplace I would go while on vacation. Instead of a beach locale, it is in the heart of nearby Maryville. I was enticed to stop by because of a mention on Twitter of their salted caramel apple latte. My wife and I told the barista that we want to come back when our coffee-loving relatives are visiting.

I had imagined a sea-salt garnish on top of the latte foam. The flavor actually comes from a shot of Torani Salted Caramel syrup mixed in with the espresso. The drizzle on top was regular caramel sauce. I tried to save a few calories by substituting nonfat milk for regular.

As we were getting back in our car, I heard a familiar voice saying hi to my wife. It was Kristin Farley of WATE. She and her family were bringing some friends to see the coffee house, just like my wife and I plan to do. Kristin told us that she recently did a story on the local coffee roastery and shop. Chemical-engineer-turned-coffee-roaster John Clark said he wants the coffee house to be his customers’ “third place.”

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