Forces of Denature

Meringue topped with lemon curd, fresh berries, berry sauce and fat-free whipped toppinng Meringue was the star of the dessert my wife made last weekend. The crunchy, airy dollop was covered with lemon curd, fresh berries and a sauce made from frozen berries. A spoonful of fat-free whipped topping finished off the plate.

She got the idea for the perfect summer dessert from her Aunt Marge. The meringue recipe came from, the lemon curd recipe is Alton Brown’s. She felt like a pastry-chef when she put the meringue in a bag and piped it onto the baking sheet to create a swirl effect on top.

My wife has been watching old episodes of “Chopped” via On Demand. She was definitely influence by the show as she “plated” the dessert. However it could never really be cooked in the competition because the meringue took three hours to bake.

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