Early Bird Gets the Worms

Dinner with the Bone Doctor 3 - Grainger Gazpacho Soup Dinner with the Bone Doctor 3 - Sea Bass & Filet Mignon A delicious Grainger County gazpacho soup with a spicy chilled shrimp was my favorite item on the menu Monday night at the third “Dinner with the Bone Doctor”  at Echo Bistro & Wine Bar. The sold-out event featured a lecture by Dr. Bill Bass and was organized by BoneZones.com. The main course was pan seared Chilean sea bass amandine and broiled C.A.B. filet mignon with amaretto beurre blanc and rosemary demi glace sauces. The plate also had chilled dill red bliss potatoes, asparagus and a summer plum chutney.

Once again, I served as emcee and facilitator. Those of us who were working the event sampled the fare before the paying customers arrived at 6:00 p.m. At the two previous events, my call time was five o’clock. I thought it was funny to get an email informing me that dinner was at 4:30. My friend Bean sent me a text that said, “Dinner at 4:30? Why so late? I’m at Denny’s right now at 3:15!”

Dinner with the Bone Doctor 3 - Dr. Bass answers questions Dinner with the Bone Doctor 3 - Dr. Bass speaks during dinner Dr. Bass talked about the early days of the Body Farm. His department has “temporarily” been in Neyland Stadium for 40 years. Once the Dr. William M. Bass Forensic Anthropology Center opens in the Fall, the department will have a home of its own. My favorite anecdote of the evening involved Dr. Bass storing a body in a shower stall overnight. The janitor was none too pleased the next morning. He also described a failed idea to put a body in the Tennessee River. They gave up on it when curious fishermen kept looking inside the empty submerged cage where they had planned to place a cadaver.

Dinner with the Bone Doctor 3 - Dr. Bass removed his tie to pose for a funny picture with Frank When I got dressed after my nap, I chose something I would wear to church: khaki slacks and a short-sleeve Oxford shirt. During the course of the evening, I realized I was wearing almost the exact same thing as Dr. Bass. As the guests were leaving, I asked Dr. Bass to pose for a picture without his necktie, to emphasize the similarities in our attire.

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