One of the added benefits that came with my WiFi clock radio was an account with MP3tunes. I can upload songs from my computer to my MP3 locker and listen to them via my clock radio.

I got an email last week offering a new service from the MP3tunes people. It’s a cloud-based recording service that captures streaming radio shows and puts them in my MP3 locker. It’s like a DVR for radio, which is why they call it DAR.fm. Company founder Michael Robertson made a video to demonstrate how it works:

So far, I’ve used my DAR.fm account to record a talk show on KMOX and two music shows hosted by friends of mine. On Saturday, I recorded Anne Litt on KCRW, although DAR grabbed the KCRU feed from Oxnard. I also recorded Paula Kidwell’s midday show on WINC. I loved hearing their familiar voices between the songs.

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