A veterinarian named Kaihla Dailey has expressed an interest in joining Einstein Simplified. We chatted after one of our weekly shows at Side Splitters. She told me that she had some previous improv experience with a troupe in Ventura, California and had earned her veterinary degree at the University of Tennessee.

I asked if she knew Dr. Jim Brace, a friend of mine from church. He’s a professor and associate dean at UTCVM. Kaihla said everyone knows and loves Dr. Brace. She said he’s like the Dumbledore of the school. One time when Kaihla’s car broke down, Dr. Brace drove to Karns and gave her a ride so she wouldn’t miss class.

On Friday night, Einstein Simplified performed at a relatively new venue in Rockford, Tennessee. The Riverside Business and Event Center used to be a Baptist church and it still looks like one. When the congregation outgrew the facility, they built a bigger church nearby. The old church now plays host to family-friendly concerts and comedy shows. In fact, marketing director Caryn Geren is looking for stand-up comedians who can get laughs during shows billed as “Clean as a Whistle.” Einstein Simplified agreed to do PG-rated shows there on the second Friday of the month. I missed the July show due to my vacation. The next show is September 9th.

Frank Lifts Kaihla during Einstein Simplified performance in Rockford, TN - photo by Randy Thompson The group invited Kaihla to perform with us on Friday. Her mom drove in from North Carolina as a surprise. She didn’t realize it until her mom stepped forward as an audience volunteer for a game of “Animatronics.” Kaihla and I did a few scenes together including a game called “Rewind.” We acted out a basic scene (hunting for a land shark) and then had to redo it in different styles. In the first round, I offered to give Kaihla a boost over an imaginary wall. By the time we did it a third time (as Frankenstein’s monsters) and a fourth time (as The Golden Girls), I was basically throwing her over the wall around Chevy Chase’s home.

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