Bats Incredible

It always seems to rain shortly after I vacuum the pool. I had it looking great on Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning, the pool was littered with leaves and debris from an overnight thunderstorm.

I was working on the pool Thursday evening at dusk when the bats started swooping in to feed on insects. The pool light attracts bugs, which attract bats. I grabbed the video camera and recorded them from a few angles. Here are three short clips that I edited together:

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One Response to Bats Incredible

  1. Giannine says:

    I love bats. We actually had a ton of them in our neighborhood until a new subdivision was begun nearby and they began to disappear when all the trees were cleared. We put up a bat house, but in six years, it never had any tenants. We recently took it down when its tree died. The bats are slowly returning.

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