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Bang, Zoom!

Members of the FBI Citizenshttp://www.paramountcafe.com/ Academy learn a lot about the mission of the Bureau during the nine-week course. The most memorable experience was when they put lethal weapons in our hands on range day. Those of us who are active in the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association were anxious to get back on the KPD range and do it again. Our opportunity came yesterday.

FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association - range day FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association - range day FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association - range day Like I did two years ago, I shot four weapons on the range and tried two scenarios in the simulator. Yesterday the agents showed us a few new things. The Phil E. Keith Training Center now has a live fire shoot house in which the agents can storm into a room and take control of an unexpected situation. The first thing the FBI SWAT team did was toss in a flash-bang grenade, which was deafening. They then had to shoot the target that represented a bad guy but not the target that represented a hostage. Before our lunch break, we saw a demonstration of rappelling down a building in full SWAT gear.

After lunch, we got to go for a ride. The two Knoxville Police officers who train all the officers to drive squad cars took us for a ride around the driving course and over their state-of-the-art wet pad. The water is recirculated rather than wasted. We were told that Knoxville will host  a law enforcement convention next year and that the wet pad will be a highlight of the tour.



One Response to “Bang, Zoom!”

  1. Giannine on August 21st, 2011

    Awesome! I miss my shooting range day from the Navy–yes, DAY. I qualified Expert on my one day and missed Sharpshooter by six points and have not been back since. It was SUCH a stress release! I would love to go back someday to the range, but my eyesight is so much worse and my hands are less steady.

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