Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Driving to Richmond was not part of our original plan on Memorial Day. We were in Northern Virginia for my niece’s Confirmation and we intended to come straight home to Knoxville. Fortunately, my mother suggested we take a detour to deliver a gift to my grandmother. The additional two hours of travel time were well worth it because it would be the last time we saw Grandma before she passed away a month later.

Thelma's Chicken & Waffles with a side of mashed potatoes A stop in Richmond meant that a few hours later we would pass Thelma’s Chicken & Waffles on Orange Avenue in Roanoke. I had been promising to take my wife there since my son and I tried it last year. However we didn’t know that the restaurant had relocated to downtown Roanoke. Their old building gave no indication of the move.

Thelma's Chicken & Waffles new location Grandma’s funeral put us back in Richmond on June 30. On July 1, we spent a ridiculous amount of time driving around downtown Roanoke looking for the new Thelma’s. I called to ask for help but the hostess thought I was coming from the opposite direction than what I was trying to describe. Franklin Road’s 90° turn didn’t help.

Thelma's Chicken & Waffles new front door We finally got to Thelma’s new digs at Church Avenue and Market Street. If you didn’t know where you were going, you could easily miss it. Despite the minimal signage, the restaurant was busy and the staff told us that business has been good.

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