Up to Date in Rapid City

City of Presidents - Andrew Jackson City of Presidents - Harry S Truman If tourists will drive thousands of miles to see four presidents carved into a mountain, wouldn’t they also be interested in statues of all the presidents? That logic explains the Presidential Wax Museum in Keystone as well as the “City of Presidents” sculptures in Rapid City, South Dakota. My wife and I skipped the wax museum but we did take some time to walk among the statues on the street corners of Rapid City.

City of Presidents - William Henry Harrison a/k/a Tippecanoe City of Presidents - William Howard Taft ready to pitch City of Presidents - William Howard Taft leaving the bar It was fun to see the less-famous presidents like Millard Fillmore and William Henry Harrison immortalized in bronze. My favorite statue was of William Howard Taft. From one direction, you can tell that he’s winding up to pitch a baseball. From the opposite angle, it looks like he’s staggering out of an Irish bar.

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