States of Mind – Part 4

For the past ten years I have been making an effort to visit all 50 states. As my personal quest nears its completion, I decided to write down recollections of the 46 I’ve seen so far, listed roughly in chronological order of my first visit. This multi-part series began on July 1.

It was cold when I flew to Minneapolis, Minnesota. My bosses at Emmis Broadcasting wanted me to visit with other morning shows in the chain. They sent me to visit Hot 97 in New York, WENS in Indianapolis and WLOL in Minneapolis. They also sent the producer from Q101 in Chicago to DC to shadow me for a day. Most of my memories of Minneapolis are from inside the radio station. I do remember that we drove past the theater in St. Paul that was home to “A Prairie Home Companion.” Later today, I’ll get a chance to see Minnesota in the summer while on the way to North Dakota.

I went to Chicago, Illinois, with Don & Mike and our sales manager Gary. This time the trip was just for fun. Gary had called our sister station in New York, which was the flagship station for the Mets. He got us tickets for two games at Wrigley Field. Our seats were behind home plate, in the same section as the players’ wives and girlfriends. From there we had an clear view of the expanding sweat stain on umpire John McSherry’s slacks. It looked like a Rorschach test.

My friend Bean asked if I wanted to go to a movie with him and Donna or if I would rather go to Las Vegas and be best man at their wedding. I replied that I had never been to Nevada, so let’s do that. It was the October weekend that Daylight Saving Time ended. The World Series was on TV and I was visiting Los Angeles for a job interview at KPWR. When the game ended, Bean, Donna and I drove to LAX and hopped a Southwest flight to Vegas. We took a cab to the courthouse, where they got a marriage license. We took another cab to the chapel where Lorenzo Lamas had been married, according to the sign out front.

I got the job at KPWR and eventually moved my family to Burbank after ten months of waiting for our house to sell. When my sister and her husband came to visit, we caravaned to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. Along the way we stopped at London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. We also took a look at the Petrified Forest and the small towns of Holbrook and Williams.

More states tomorrow!

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