Rushmore So

Mount Rushmore - rain and clouds Mount Rushmore - Avenue of Flags The rain and clouds gave Mount Rushmore a ghostly appearance as we approached. Most of our drive up to the monument was through a torrential downpour with bright flashes of lightning and loud cracks of thunder. We walked quickly from the parking garage to a visitor center, where we waited for the rain to stop. At least we had raincoats and umbrellas. Many other tourists got soaked.

Mount Rushmore - Frank Murphy visits I knew that Mount Rushmore was going to be a highlight of our trip and it did not disappoint. In the first draft of our itinerary, I wanted to somehow complete my 50 state quest at Mount Rushmore on the Fourth of July. When I learned that they no longer had fireworks at Mount Rushmore, we reconfigured everything to a more logical loop that eliminated backtracking. Therefore, South Dakota was the 49th state I reached.

Mount Rushmore - at night Once the weather cleared, we had a great view of the four presidents carved into the the mountain. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt represent the founding, expansion, unification and preservation of our country. We returned to Rushmore in the evening for the lighting ceremony, which includes a video presentation and a flag lowering ceremony. A museum under the plaza had informative displays on how the sculpture was carved but it was on the website that I learned that Jefferson was originally on Washington’s left. After 18 months of carving, they blasted him away and restarted his sculpture on George’s right.

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