How Convenient!

Devils Tower National Monument - from the side and from a distance Devils Tower National Monument - Frank at the entrance From a distance, Devils Tower National Monument looked more like a shark’s fin than the mashed-potato mound I was expecting. Once we got closer, I realized it that we had been looking at it from a different angle. I didn’t need Wyoming for my 50 state quest because my wife and I visited Jackson Hole and Yellowstone last year. However, Devils Tower is surprisingly close to Mount Rushmore and was too unusual to pass up.

Devils Tower National Monument - view from gift shop Devils Tower National Monument - closer look An impending storm convinced me that it wasn’t worth paying $10 for a closer look. We had a good enough view of the Tower from the gift shop near the park entrance, which is where I found an interesting wooden postcard to send to my friend Bean. I also grabbed a few brochures and was amused to learn about parachutist George Hopkins who landed on Devils Tower in 1941 and was stranded up there for six days.

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