Fontana from Heaven

Fontana Village Resort was originally constructed as a town for the workers who built Fontana Dam in the 1940s. Over the years, it served as a lodge for visitors to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The families who have owned it for the past six years have upgraded the facilities and turned it into a very nice vacation destination.

I spent the night at Fontana Village on Saturday. I was there to shoot a few segments for Smoky Mountain Morning. I took a ghost tour through the old hospital and enjoyed a few toasted marshmallows at their nightly campfire. I was also treated to a great meal in the Mountainview Bistro.

Starting next week, Smoky Mountain Morning will run a Twitter contest with Fontana Village. A lucky family will win an all-expenses paid stay at the resort. To enter, follow @SMMiTV on Twitter. Get additional entries by writing a tweet with the #FontanaYourself Catch Phrase of the Day.

To get to Fontana Dam, I drove an infamous stretch of U.S. Route 129, known as the Tail of the Dragon, from Tennessee into North Carolina. My Honda Civic, which is only a little bigger than a Honda Gold Wing, was photographed multiple times by people who post the pictures online and sell copies. I thought the photographs would make an interesting plot point in a crime drama or novel. Depending on the writer, the photo could either prove the guilt or innocence of a character. It’s a little more exciting than the ATM or toll-booth cameras that are mentioned in half the shows I watch.

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